Water Wheel Marble Run

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The Water Wheel Marble Run model is very interesting and fun to build and it really makes you feel like an engineer. Once you have built this masterpiece, wind-up the water wheel by turning the handle and watch the marbles roll through the track over and over again. This marble run puzzle also makes makes a great gift and is very popular even among adults.

Warning: Young children must be accompanied by an adult as this model contains small parts.

Completion time: roughly 4 hours
Material: wood
Size: 25.4*23.2*16.5cm (10*9.13*6.5 inches)

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95 reviews for Water Wheel Marble Run

  1. D***g

    I bought as a gift, very high quality and cool, i want to buy something like that too: 3 as a gift sent octopus thanks to the shop)

  2. S***a

    I took it for a gift, so I did not open it. delivery is fast, Courier. when transportation is not the box is not damaged, it is securely covered with film all over the surface.

  3. V***v

    Ordered 19.10.19, delivered by courier 24.10.19. Delivery was from the Russian Federation to Izhevsk.

  4. A***a

    Excellent packed, super quality. Collected in 4 hours a child of 9 years. Everything works. Ordered with delivery from the Russian Federation delivered to the apartment for 3 days.

  5. M***a

    I bought two different ones, they’re for Christmas. They arrived very early. Sent by Amazon. Excellent cuño entertainer for boys from 10 to 80 years old. Spectacular

  6. C***.

    fast and good love it

  7. J***z

    It’s for a gift so I haven’t D It’s sealed, but it looks great. I think I’ll repeat to buy other models.

  8. J***z

    I love it. Very funny to build. Very nice and protected box presentation. A 10 on everything. Even spare parts. Shipping very fast. Very happy.

  9. V***a

    I took it for a gift. In 6 days delivered to Moscow by courier. Very comfortable and cool. Maybe then I will add a tip!

  10. D***v

    Super, as usual))

  11. J***i

    very very fast delivery, I recommend! ordered on 12.11. and received on 19.11.

  12. L***G

    Very fast shipping! Will buy again. Excellent Quality. Thank you!

  13. O***v

    Very fast shipping! Thank you. All decorated perfectly

  14. N***v

    For a long time I did not get such pleasure, an excellent designer for adults, my money is definitely worth it.

  15. P****r

    Perfectly wrapped in your plastic. Less than a month. Open later. Volorare posteriori.

  16. V***v

    The goods came to Tula in a week. Delivered the courier straight to the apartment. Seller recommend. The box is slightly wrinkled, but the contents are whole

  17. H***i

    Came quickly, according to table shipments within the EU. Waiting for handing as gift. Poorly secured pack. Only wrzucone in envelope. Thankfully only small dent for one carton.

  18. M***k

    Fast delivery to the door (8 days from the moment of order), taking into account 11.11. Box in factory film. Packaging is a simple package, and although the football package did not play, as in the mail of Russia, the box shows traces of transportation. The contents were not affected, the presentation-slightly, for a gift will fit.

  19. m***m

    Niece S try here. Shipping is by come grunge came quickly and shipping status led appearance is fond of clean. Niece for this assembly to you. then come back, I’ll ㅎ

  20. g***m

    box slightly damaged but acceptable.

  21. D***v

    Great puzzle. Long, complex and interesting assembly. Collected hours in five. All the details are made perfectly, almost nothing is needed to hide. Inserted tightly. The instruction is detailed and understandable, except that the order of assembly in some places is strange.

  22. B***n

    Extremely fast delivery in Canada. Received in exactly 2 weeks and it was actually shipped from Mississauga. In any case, looks like good quality product. This is the 2nd one I ordered, so I suspect it will be as good as the 1st one.

  23. J***a

    Product comply with the description. Fast delivery and well packed in a bubble envelope.
    Box filmed as j ouvrirai for Christmas. Normally all should be intact l inner. I recommend the product and the shop.

  24. Y***n

    The parcel arrived today within the estimated time of delivery. It is impressive that it was packed well and handled with care. I purchased 5 and 1 as a gift. This is my third purchase from the store to different destinations and got a consistent service. I recommend this store for the good quality products and service. Thank you so much.

  25. A***s

    Excellent upokovka and Latvia came for 6 days! Prodovtsa recommend!!!

  26. I***k

    Order 11.11 recived 26.11 very fast shipping. excellent product. Super Toy. Recommend shop very much. Thank you for cooperation.

  27. M***i

    Fast delivery – less than 3 weeks to Poland. Package not damage. It is a gift so I didin’t unpacked

  28. V***n

    All came, whole box. Courier delivered to the door.

  29. P****r

    Good quality and easy manual

  30. P****r

    Order November 13th, Arrival November 29th
    Air cap bag. The box was dented.
    The contents are not broken. Have fun assembling with your family. The time is 5 hours. There were extra parts. Reserve? The instructions are polite. Don’t put too much power in assembling tips

  31. P****r

    Dotarło quickly and in perfect condition. Packaging slightly wgięte but content not affected. Will be much fun.

  32. Z***i

    The product is very nice but poorly packed, it’s injured durind the shipment.

  33. C***l

    Excellent product. Very amusing having armed and entertaining watch it in operation. Recommended!

  34. e***a

    He reached Norilsk in 2 weeks. Quality is super, bought as a gift for my brother. He was delighted

  35. N***a

    The goods came almost a month. The box is a little wrinkled in the corners, but it’s not scary. Bought as a gift. Hope enjoy

  36. N***R

    I ordered from a warehouse in the UK, the payment was made and the next day the shop contacted me that the selected model ended in the warehouse. Offered to choose or replace the model or send from the warehouse in China (but warned that it is longer, but the cost of shipment will return to me). I chose another model (cinema). The parcel was tracked, UPS delivery to home, the shop was constantly in touch, responded promptly and quickly. Everything came in excellent form, have not yet opened-this is a gift for Ng. Recommend shop and product!

  37. A***r

    Very well made. Pieces fit perfectly.

  38. N***a

    I drove to Moscow in a week. I order a second time different. The first time was delivery by courier, this time I had to go to the point of self-delivery, which is inconvenient very much! I bought on sale for 1597 rubles, cheaper than it is now, because the estimate did not reduce.

  39. E***v

    The goods were received. We sit together. According to my calculations, it takes about 8-10 hours to assemble. And the instructions have moments when you need to lubricate the details. And this is important, because so far in one place the connection of the details disappears. The fresh head will have to be redone. While everyone is happy. Interesting gift for friends. I recommend

  40. A***n

    Collected with the son of three hours, designer fire, zalipalovo. Quality and accuracy is satisfied.

  41. V***v

    The designer is just super. Collected in 6 hours. Works great. Clearly read the instructions and be more attentive. Drove for a long time, almost a month to Tula. The child will not gather. After assembly, fingers hurt.

  42. M***e

    The parts are easily detached and all marked with an identification number.
    Precise assembly. No need to force. No glue needed. No tools except a small clamp to grasp and place the very small parts.
    Follow the graphic assembly instructions of the twenty-five-page manual that guide you step by step.
    During assembly the marking of the parts is always visible either towards you or upwards.
    I used a little vaseline oil to lubricate the cam assembly and everything turns perfectly.
    It is the final assembly that is the most delicate.
    I had fun and yet I am soon 70 years old!
    I will then try to put a small electric motor with a battery!

  43. I***m

    Terrific manual are well Oh

  44. V***k

    Delivery two weeks by mail, the boxes are not wrinkled. Took as a gift to children, not collected yet.

  45. j***o

    I haven’t opened it because it’s a gift, but it seems as described. It’s come in time. Very well packed and protected

  46. E***i

    I like this brand, in this case the item is going to be a gift, will tell more later if possible

  47. A***K

    The parcel was very Dolo but came. Packed normally but in siridine packing is mint in the photo shown. In the view of the puzzle, normal prefects did not find even with crumpled packaging. Sobiru will see how it works.

  48. V***k

    Delivery 30 days to Dnepr, Ukraine
    The box looks beautiful, sealed with oilcloth.
    At my request, the shop packed in a shipping bag. Of course the corners of the box are wrinkled, but it’s not critical. I recommend

  49. p***N

    (en) Order paid on December 2nd, parcel arrived at final destination on Dec.19th (17 days after order). Not assembled yet, because it’s a gift.
    (fr) Commande payée le 2 Décembre, colis arrivé à bonne destination le 19 Déc., soit 17 jours plus tard. Pas encore assemblé, c’est pour un cadeau.

  50. D***v

    .. With the shop is familiar for a long time. I ordered crafts a lot and always all kits are ideal both in assembly and in its functionality. In addition, delivery by courier to the logistics company “IML” directly to the gate, personally in hand ..
    While out of protection only postal package, yes strong branded package. Integrity is good due to the dense sorting of the configuration inside.
    A similar factory for myself bought a lot earlier, and this one ordered for a friend, so did not unpack the kit. In addition, the birthday girl will derbanize the gift only on December 30.
    15.10.2019 paid the order = 1.866, 53 Russian money.
    The same day the shop sent the order.
    17.10.2019 the parcel arrived in the city of Rostov-on-Don.
    And 18.10.2019 the courier brought an order to the house.
    132,19 was a discount of the shop.
    All the indicators of the composition of the set indicated on the branded packaging fully correspond to reality.
    Checked for years of cooperation.
    Collecting designs is very interesting and simple.
    .. Sorry now not at home, so I would show the finished model ..

  51. P***b

    Product compliant. Description Doba somehow workmanship. From this shop pack arrived after 2 months

  52. M***a

    The shipment was fast, I’m very satisfied. The box came a little beat up but I think it’s all right inside the box, I haven’t uncovered it yet.

  53. W***n

    Fun yo build wood machine by myself and son.

  54. T***P

    The designer is simply stunning! I bought a guy as a gift, as a result, we sat together for several hours Assembly. Details are very much, the designer is designed for adults. The quality is just amazing, all the details are signed, the instruction is very detailed and visual. All you will use in the assembly process (even the ruler) is already included, glue is not required. Noticed a couple of errors in the instructions (somewhere it is written that you need to use 3 wooden mounts, and in fact you need 4, for example), but such errors were only 2 and everything is intuitive. In general, it gives pleasure to both the Assembly itself and the use of the toy in the assembled state. The shop sent the goods very quickly. From Moscow to Irkutsk took a little less than two weeks. Delivered by courier at a convenient time, called and specified the delivery details. The box was packed only in a package, but not wrinkled. The shop answers questions and by itself is very friendly.

  55. K***b

    Making think more difficult but interesting dish
    Make finger Little Africa four key

  56. D***n

    Until we collected, we are waiting for the son’s birthday, then we will give, delivery and packaging is excellent, you can safely take for a gift!

  57. R***v

    Very cool thing. Collecting with children was very interesting and long. Result as in video. Assembly requires accuracy. In some places needed PVA glue. but it’s more because of the curves of the hands, some parts are not inserted, and then not so tightly seated

  58. S***v

    Excellent quality, everything works! Well going, there are some spare pins. Collected with a child of 6 years in half a day. One He, however, would not cope with this, sometimes you need an effort when docking parts, not for children’s fingers. Instruction in English, but everything is clearly drawn, sometimes there are links to the video instructions. I recommend! There is a desire to buy more, a more complex model.

  59. A***i

    The box came a little crumpled, alas for the gift is not suitable, returned some money. to buy I can advise, ask only better to pack the goods.

  60. R***v

    Excellent quality. The son of 8 years has gathered with great pleasure. Fast shipping.

  61. N***a

    Waited in Izhevsk for 20 days. Delivery by courier. Collect very interesting. The instructions are clear. There, in the instructions, at some difficult stages there are QR codes that send you to the video by installing these elements. Also in the box there is a business card with a code for getting on the social network of this company and YouTube channel with video instructions on assembly and other interests. But we did. Although I liked this approach: D there were spare elements that can be useful-these are rather fragile design nodes. The child is happy! Everything works and in general the thing is interesting 🙂

  62. I***s

    Got faster than expected 🙂 The box is slightly wrinkled but it’s trifles. Inside everything is sure. I’ll do it. Then I will. Super

  63. M***s

    Super product. Cool fun. All finely crafted. Recommend.

  64. W***i

    So. Can I yes not say much, because beautiful original wrapped up. Let’s see if I make. If somethings lacking then can also the Seller also nothing for it. I bedanke me for Lightning Shipping.

  65. C***t

    Super Nice. I am really happy. Took me some hours to do it. One or two parts are thin and fragile but they are some spare ones included. For me, 2 negative points only: it take 2 balls in the same time and the wax was not in the package. But overall it really worth the money. I recommend!

  66. K***a

    Cool thing. We hang out with our son… Half a day was collected, but it was worth it. According to the instructions is assembled easily and clearly.

  67. g***r

    Quality good. Think more sophisticated harness. Materials for many men used spares India suggests. Make the 4th 시간 expected is called the kid’s bags upon receipt to be assembled with six 시간 over it. Shipping as soon as Det. Four surviving children of playing the end sucker dish ㅎ products only you Satisfied

  68. I***a

    Shipping 5 days. The courier brought to work. The box is not wrinkled. thank you very much! How to collect, I will add a review)

  69. D***a

    The goods were received quickly, ordered December 31, January 17 already received, so despite the holidays the parcel was about a week. Departure in Russia. Until we collected, we sit apart the shop many thanks

  70. Y***n

    Great thing, collect adult hours 5.

  71. P****r

    50 days arrived but there was no damage. Segments clean.

  72. m***m

    Weeks only on arrival. S 시간 hanging in finished. Wood material is also good and very funny stuff products.

  73. R***o

    Perfect. Manual very well explained. Pieces with perfect fit. Laborious, but in the end, all works perfectly.

  74. D***v

    Everything is fine!!! Quality is very good! Delivery to Krasnoyarsk 15 days. Courier delivered to the house

  75. I***n

    It came quickly enough, through the courier service. Same not neat, like the post of Russia, the box is mint, but inside the whole

  76. D***o

    Very slow delivery, ordered 11.11.19 came 20.01. 2020. Not yet completely printed, but like a whole

  77. P****r

    The box came badly wrinkled. Very pleased that everything is in order inside)

  78. V***a

    Many thanks to the shop! Everything came intact and safe, as quickly as possible (even considering New Year’s holidays). The shop also put the gift designer-organizer, for which he is very grateful! I strongly advise both the shop and the store, especially the goods))) everything is very high quality packed and comes quickly)))

  79. A***l

    Perfect!!!!! Hobby, and very well made

  80. c***e

    Ordered on January 15, received on January 28 from China to Canada. Super fast shipping!

  81. A***p

    Delivered quickly, nice product in original packing and fun to assemble. Was is not attached but is also not needed, model is without glue mount and works smoothly.

  82. P***v

    Collected it month))) Thanks

  83. O***n

    Very nice package with instructions included

  84. P****r

    EFIM arrived, bought 31/12/2019 and arrived at home today 11/02/2010 paid R$ 110 with free shipping.
    THE delay occurred more by mismanagement coreios aiming at image degradation to justify its privatization. I Asked the clerk post which takes the reason and it said in government Fearing they canceled air shipping and now orders come truck. THE order was for screening in Cajamar and then came truck for Bethlehem/PA.
    THE shop is great, the box was protected but got dented but its content was preserved. Can buy because the toy is very interesting and instiga children’s curiosity.

  85. T***z

    Had fun with it! Really enjoyed it and everything is cut to the millimetre. Recommended!

  86. A***a

    Perfect. I bought it as a gift.

  87. R***v

    Just instant shipping. I can’t wait to collect it with a girl.

  88. M***k

    Within 2 week concerned on my address in Netherlands.
    Neat and without damage supplied.
    This is my 2e time I order. Now another DIY kit.
    No contact with the shop had. Was not necessary.

  89. H***

    Took for a gift, did not open yet, delivery fast

  90. R***r

    Perfectly packed. Neat. Beautiful gift box. All cut without burrs. Clearly. Detailed instructions. Seller friendly and sociable

  91. N***z


  92. O***a

    The goods came by courier, just a week after placing the order. I thought there would be a miniature designer, but it turned out to be a healthy box. What is inside-I do not know, because I ordered it as a gift. But inside the balls. I hope everything is in order inside and the friend will remain satisfied

  93. O***a

    Bought for a gift, not yet collected. The box came whole, not crumpled.

  94. v***v

    I have not seen this yet: in the evening I ordered, the day the next day was brought to the house. Not assembled yet of course, but the quality is visible.

  95. V***

    The package came with a small bump on the package… But it is understandable. I am pleased with the purchase. I hope the inside parts are not affected. Thank you shop for putting a smaller amount on the package value so I didn’t have to go to the customs.

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